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     Welcome to THE COMMUNITY MISSION...A Christ Centered, Torah Observing, Sabbath Keeping Church  

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·1st and 3rd Tuesday’ 5:30 Grief Support Group

  • 7pm Bible Study

LOVE HOMES BIBLE STUDIES Come as you are for a time of praise and worship and casual conversation and bible study.

Wednesday at the CHURCH PARSONAGE 32 N. Jardin St. Shenandoah 7pm

  • THURSDAY at 7 PM, 122 N Line St Girardville

Saturday Sabbath Service- 3pm Torah Review 

3:30 Prayer 4pm Service...

Pot Bless Dinner following Service

    Sunday Torah Reading Service on Facebook




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    The Community Mission is more than just a church. Yes, we are a church…too, but not exclusively. You can read about what we do, on Sunday during our Service, on our CHURCH page, or better yet, come worship with us.

    The rest of the week, we…ARE THE CHURCH, representing Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, as He would have us do, as we represent “His hands and Feet” in the world where God has put us. We minister to those who God puts in our path and serve them as best we can, with the resources we have.

    We will ask for help and support when we need to and are not ashamed for doing so, because not only do we not want to do it alone, we don’t feel we should. We welcome and expect UNITY of the Body because God wants it too!

    The Community Mission does not measure our success by the number of church “members” but by the number of people that we are able to serve on a daily basis.

    The “we” is a collective word that is represented by members of our church and from others in the area, as well as supporters of what we do.

    This “Unity” is the  #1  goal of our ministry. We have seen much done in Jesus’ Name in unity in the last 4 years and we expect much more because as God gets the glory, more will be drawn to the love that is expressed through the works of God’s People.


    The Community Mission has been helping people in Schuylkill County for almost 5 years. We have been doing this by working with existing churches, organizations and businesses to address needs as they arise. 

    We have developed a grassroots initiative guided by collaboration and community needs. The results are highly functional local systems that serve the common good. The approach includes addressing the holistic needs of a community; supporting sustainability, coordinating collaborative action, and tapping into the power of community.

    The Community Mission provides Family Services that include: Pastoral Counseling, Education, food and clothing distribution, fellowship focused on building strong and influential families. 

    We do this through our weekly bible studies, community meals and privately through individual and group counseling and activities. Our weekly bible studies will include: New Believers Bible Studies and studies to help every Believer grow to their fullest.

     We also focus on helping Christians who are struggling with their faith by offering a year- long discipleship program that includes daily/weekly mentoring. Our food and clothing pantries are open daily (by appointment) to provide for personal needs as they arise.

    Our Center in Minersville allows us to meet all of our ministry goals under one roof. We will have expanded room for our pantries and functions, like revival meetings, seminars, Folk Music Concerts,  and community dinners. 

    We will offer Religious Education for the whole family including, private Christian Education using Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) in both homeschooling and on site instruction. We are the County's only testing center for this instruction.

     We also offer an online Bible School through Jacksonville Theological Seminary.(coming soon)

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